The new ABC prime-time sitcom “American House Wife” lodges prejudice and often racist wisecracks toward The Town of Norwalk and in particular our High School students. I have personally watched four episodes with disparaging remarks.

There is nothing funny about suggesting that the majority of our High school baskets team’s girlfriends will be pregnant by seasons end. I have listed four other such slanderous comments made by the show. Please click below to read them.

This is not only bad for the moral of our youth, but also for Norwalk businesses, tourism, and real-estate values.

I am calling on all Norwalk and Westport residents and business owners to sign this petition to make Disney stop the insults now and offer an apology to Norwalk residents.

Please sign and share this link to your friends and family.

For more information, contact Andy Ross at

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UPDATE: ABC is on the run. The pressure is on to stop insulting Norwalk and Westport. Read the latest article. Everyone is on board: the Norwalk Mayor, school system and Westport First Selectman. Norwalk calls on TV network to end prime-time insults

Click the image to the left to view a featured article about this topic in The Daily Voice.

Do you want to help stop the insults? Click the above image to sign my online petition.